dashboard not working right, no response from tech support

  • 10 April 2021
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I have had problems accessing the dashboard on my secure anywhere subscription yesterday and today.  Often it does not come up at all.  Other times it comes up and virus scan works but nothing else does.  I have opened a ticket with tech support but have heard nothing back.  I tried to send a follow up message but my password does not seem to work.  I clicked on forgot password and the system said it emailed me a password but nothing showed up.  Also, for some reason last night, I could not pull up the Webroot main website on any of three different browsers and two different computers.  Is there a problem with the system or the company that I missed hearing about? I am looking at getting a new computer fairly soon and I intended to get Webroot again but I am beginning to have doubts.

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4 replies

No replies yet?  I could use some help!

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Hello @James Klas 


Support is Monday to Friday and the Webroot Staff are working from home because of COVID so please have some patience and they will get back to you.



Thank you for the response.

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@James Klas  - Any update? Did support work it out with you?