delay on detect new malware

  • 24 June 2019
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Hi ,

i find a malware ( ransomware ).

scan with my webroot, can not detected .

Then upload on virustotal and show 50 AV can detected it .

then more than 10 times scan with webroot . but not Effective.

i upload file for webroot and submit ticket for webroot support.

after 7 hours , webroot team answer me and blocked malware.

* Why my webroot can not automatically analyze malware " Suspicious file " ?!

* why webroot answer me and blocked malware after long time " 7 hours " ?

Regards ,



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2 replies

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Hi @durantash

I know what you mean and no one product is perfect in this but with WSA all you had to do was open Active Processes and Block the bad file and it would of rollback right away.

That's all I can add about this.
Was it dormant, or was it actively attacking your computer?

Webroot may not be the top scorer in detecting malicious files, but it sure is effective in blocking malicious behaviour—and then it's zap-goodbye to that offending file 😉.