Disable the "view your personalized security report" popup

  • 3 April 2018
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Despite clicking on this popup to view the report, and rebooting my computer, I still get this popup. It has taken me out of full-screen applications, which is extremely frustrating.
After trying to find the answer for myself online on how to disable this popup, and after looking through the Webroot settings, I can't see where there's an option to do so.
I see that people have been posting about this since all the way back in 2014. Moreover, there's a suggestion thread that specifically asks for the popup to be disabled ... https://community.webroot.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange/More-control-of-Personalised-Security-Report-and-other-IPM/idi-p/90140
Is there an answer to this yet, and if not, then what's the excuse? If needed, I'll find another anti-virus that doesn't spam popups at me.

1 reply

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Yes, multiple pop-ups per day is ridiculous.