"Elara" is a process that prevents my computer from shutting down for a while. What is it?

  • 16 August 2015
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So I ran into this issue just about a week ago, and it's happened every once in a while.
My research tells me that it's either a virus (because no forum, even on Microsoft, has actually received a final answer from the handler) or a process that keeps my touchpad working. I can't seem to figure out which because none of the official forums or descriptions of said touchpad mention anything about Elara. If I shut the process down my touchpad works just fine.
Webroot doesn't detect any threats and there doesn't seem to be any results showing up elsewhere either. But the fact that it calls itself "Elara" instead of "ApntEx", which is the name of the touchpad software it shares an icon with. It could basically be "borrowing" the icon couldn't it? I'm not well informed on stuff like this so anything to help me understand what it is, and if it needs to be removed would be greatly appreciated.
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Dan Isaksson

1 reply

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Hi Dan
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A strange one indeed which shows up on some other sites as potential malware but nothing definitive.
What I would do in this case is find the key component of this software and then I would submit it to the Support Team for analysis which you can do either from (i) within WSA...go from the main panel 'Utilities' > 'Reports' > 'Submit a file' (right hand side of the 'Reports' tab, and follow the instructions in the new panel' OR (ii) you can use the Webroot File Submission web page (here) with the options on the 'Submit a file' page being fairly explanatory.
In either case follow this up with Support by Opening a Support Ticket, to let them know about this and that you have submitted the file (they will get an automatic upload of the WSA logs from your system when you do) and hopefully they can come back to you to advise as to whether it is 'good' or 'bad' and confirm how you should proceed.
I hope that this helps?  If not then please post back for clarification.
Regards, Baldrick