ETA on fix for Webroot Password extension in Firefox?

  • 27 August 2015
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The official newest password manager extension (3.1.1) in Firefox is Not Happy™. Like not-operational for all intents and purposes.
This can be fixed temporarily by using the "Toolbarfix.exe" tool, which installs an OLDER version of the extension that actually works. Very temporarily. As soon as Webroot notices it's old, it updates it.
So when will this be fixed with a permanent fix?

4 replies

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Don't have an ETA yet, but I'll go bug escalations again right now. I think part of the problem is, like Apple & Google Play, approval times for apps/extensions is non-deterministic.
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A "non-approved" extension will just warn the user and try to not run, which is fixable to a degree to get functionality. Right now there is zero functionality, which is very sad. Ahh well.
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Let me check and see what the latest is.
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Over a month now and Firefox users are non-operational for passwords unless they roll back to an older version that gets auto-updated to the broken one.
In the meantime, an approved extension for Firefox got broken by a website change, fixed, and updated on the official extensions site in four days.
Done checking yet?