False notification that Webroot was turned off.

  • 7 April 2016
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Hello "All",
This is the first time I have posted a question in this community.  Thanks webroot for this forum.  On to my question.  My Windows 10 OS has at times given to me a notice that my Webroot and firewall have been turned off.  Curious, I immediately I looked at Webroot, Windows firewall, and Malwarebytes, which all had everything in good status i.e. Windows firewall was actually on, Webroot was totally protecting along with Malwarebytes (all protection switches were turned on).  Is this only a hoax from a "hacker" that I should merely ignore or is there possibly some "port"  or acces that I should have closed to reject what I consider to be a false notification. Thanks for your help in advance, Blessings, Jason

1 reply

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Hey there JB1000
Welcome to the Webroot Community, glad you found us :)
Thankfully this is a known issue and Webroot is aware of this and working towards a fix. You are still protected by Webroot as long as all the icons are in the green (Turned on)
Please look here at this post for more information.
Also the Beta Testers are testing a new version v9.0.8.78 and it seems to fix this issue so we can see it being released soon. 
Sorry for the scare
All the best