hard drive replaced but mywebrootanywhere still shows a extra computer

  • 3 March 2012
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At mywebrootanywhere when I check it shows 3 computers 2 of which are the same one I just had my hard drive replaced. How do I get the old one to not show up I have a license for 3 computers and I want to add my sons laptop. As of right now I have 2 installations but it shows 3 .

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4 replies

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The PC Security area of the console is not how we keep track of the number of current installations.  Old installations that don't exist anymore are not counted against you, but they will display in that area in a historical context.  We keep track of how many current installations there are in a different way that is not affected by what you see from the historical installation list in the console.


However, if you want to have it removed from the list anyway, we can do that for you on our end.  You'll need to open a support ticket here:  Please note in your ticket which computer you want removed by providing the display name of the computer you want removed that appears in the console.
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Thanks I will send a support ticket I know its no big deal but it annoys me for some reason lol... thanks again.
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Have you sent in that ticket to get it adjusted yet? Was just wondering if we were able to get the situation resolved for you.
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Yes I sent in a ticket and it was taken care of.. Thank You!!