How can I get the Passwords console page and toolbar to play together?

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Hi Laura
Try running a scan with WSA (just in case your scheduled scan has not yet run).  Should not make a difference but give that WSA is fully cloud-based you never know...A long shot but sometimes that is all that it takes. ;) 
And keeps us posted on this one as it is something that both David & I have struggled with in the past and would dearly love to get to the bottom of if we can.
Many thanks in anticipation.
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Hah! I'm ready for that question! :D
I updated my login credentials on an online shopping site this morning and saved them with the toolbar *after* I opened the Passwords in the web console. I waited until late this afternoon and went back to look at the console. That new site still doesn't appear, either in my Retail group or the default group.
So, I'm just now refreshing the console page. It does an auto login, asks me for my security code, and makes me authenticate when I click on Passwords. And Bingo, there's my new site under my Retail group.
So that was over four hours, and no update. I wouldn't mind the console not automatically updating, if there was I way I could get it to refresh without using the browser's refresh function, and having to log in all over again. That's so inefficient.
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Hi Laura! 
I am not quite sure on this one to be honest.. though I have something that might explain it.  Sometimes it can take the Console 15 minutes or so to synchronize with changes made on other things.  For example, if you install WSA on a 2nd device, it can take that 15 minutes or so before that new device will show up in the Console.
Is that type of delay possibly what is going on?