How can I get the Passwords console page and toolbar to play together?

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Hi, folks,
My site records aren't always getting correctly stored when I generate a password and save it via the Passwords toolbar. So when I create or modify a site record, I log out of the site, close the window, then go to Passwords in the WSA console to inspect the site record, launch and test.
The hitch is that the console doesn't update after I create or update a site record. Every time I make a change via the toolbar, I have to kick the console in the head to get the site data to refresh. Because I haven't found a better way, I use the browser controls to refresh, and that means I have to reauthenticate. That is a pain if I have to do a string of tweaks to get a site record right.
How can I get the Passwords console page and toolbar to play together better?
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The tablet is always close by.
I am sorry, I have not started on this yet... I am not feeling all that well at the moment.  I will get this done tonight or tomorrow though 🙂
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> The tablet is always close by.
I think I know that feeling. If I could surgically attach my Android phone, I would. The little guy serves me so faithfully. :D
I hope you feel better soon, David. No rush on this, after all it's just inconvenient, not a showstopper. Take good care of you...
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I wanted to follow up on this thread now that I've been using the password manager for about six months.
Initially, I tried to use both the passwords console page and the PM functions from the browser tool bar simultaneously. I had the problem that updates I made via the toolbar weren't refelect on the console page unless I logged in again--and that was a pain for me because I'd set up two-factor authentication.
After using the system for awhile, I've decided that this behavior is likely by design, and my expectation of different behavior was simply uninformed. After creating a new site using the browser toolbar, there is no reason to go to the console page to double-check the record. One can easily open the site from the toolbar and inspect the record to make sure it is complete. I simply use the add-on now. I haven't even visisted the console page in months.
I've just started using the password manager in other browsers besides Chrome. I notice that site updates I make in browser A aren't available in browser B until I restart that browser B. This time, I'm not surprised by that behavior. :D