How do we stop the renewal nag. I will renew when I am ready and don't want 30 days of reminders.

  • 14 December 2015
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How do we stop the renewal nag. I will renew when I am ready and don't want 30 days of reminders. I presume there will be a little reg edit hack to do this, unless, even better there is an easier method? could someone explain the details please?

4 replies

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Hi applepie
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I am afraid that at present there is no way to alter this reminder. I am not sure if some has not already put in a Feature Request for such granular control of the are welcome to head over to the Feature Request page and start such a request.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you very much Baldrick to take the trouble to reply, much appreciate your clarity.
I don't much feel like teaching Webroot good manners so if the nags get on my nerves too much I'll just download a free trial from another vendor and risk getting to like an alternative product.
Best wishes, A.
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Hi applepie
No worries...and you are most welcome.
I completely understand where you are coming from but I would just say that the nags are a very small price to pay IMHO to be able to run what is the lightest yet most powerful Cloud-based antimalware solution on the market.  Many have tried to and are trying to imitate it and none have succeeded.
I would urge patience or as we Brits say "Keep Calm & Carry On" ;)
Regards, Baldrick
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The original request here is key: How do we continue to use the product for Thirty more days without nagware? Come-on, bugging your own loyal "bread n butter" customers for 1/12th of the usage period? What kind of thank you is that?

Webroot sales and marketing needs to become aware that I and others do ding Webroot greatly in our online reviews for this 30 day "nagware" countdown with no means (such as acknowledgement to stop the nags). Paying customers who paid for and plan to renew via a new key on set date simply don't deserve this type of treatment. It is a form of coercion for those that know exactly when they intend to manually renew.

Please communicate to your developers to provide options to remove it.