How Good Is WebRoot Complete?

Malwarebytes shows 30+ instances of spyware....
Webroot shows 3
So there seems to be a conflict of who is right, who is wrong....
If Malwarebytes is right, that means Webroot isnt that good...
If webroot is right, then malwarebytes is lying....
Every antivirus wants to claim how good they are...
Just have not seen it yet, or been proven otherwise.....
however I am tired of running this for spyware, running
that for antivirus, then find out that neither was any good
because I still have spyware and viruses....

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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
It's best that you don't post scan logs sometimes we will ask for certain parts of the log but it's best to contact Support and they can look at your logs to see any running infection or files that need to be Whitelisted in the Cloud Database!
Daniel 😉
Ok, I have the logs of malwarebytes, but what do you consider priviate, or
maybe I need to send them in private...
I guess something else that I have should have addressed in my orginal post....
My history of a slow computer, and I am sure you guys here this over and over....
"oh no another slow computer" of course, when you get a new computer it is not
slow. I try to keep up on the computer, delete cahces, defrag, keep programs to a min
delete what I do not need, run antivirus, run malware stuff quite often,. Even though I
have 3 gig memory, computer can lock up with just one window open, in fact, the
typing of this post has a bad lag...then there is the internet lag, where everything is slow
slow that sometimes I feel that I am still on dialup, and sometimes It can take as long as
3 -5 min to actually reach a website....I have also contacted comcast, and we did a
speed test, and they said my speed test was above avg...most times I spend more
time just waiting for the computer to respond or the internet then it actually
takes for me just to get something done....So I am not sure if virus has anything
to do with this, and I hear all of those pc fix scemes are just you have
10,000 things wrong with your computer; so pay us and we fix them...hahah....
It took 2 minutes for the speedtest to completly load, and took just as long
to re-edit this post to post the speed test results....
Download:  45.56 mbps
upload:  11.02 mbps
ping: 13ms
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I'm sorry we don't want to see Malwarebytes log as this is the Webroot SecureAnywhere Community Support Forums so please Submit a Support Ticket and they will check your WSA logs and if they want to see the MBAM log they will ask you!
ok, he had ask to see them, so that is what I wanted to make clear.
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Yes @  asked for them so post it but leave out any personal information! Also I don't know when Roy will have the time to look at it as it's the weekend and I assume his day is done.