How to disable the Personal Security reports that pop up?

  • 15 July 2016
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Just added Webroot to a new Mac bought for a child.  I am looking to disable the pop-up of the "Personal Security Reports" on her computer.  

3 replies

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You and me both, brother:
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Hi vkirkmir
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I am afraid that at the moment there is no option to do this.
There is a Featrure Request open requesting that so I would recommend that you head over to that (HERE) & add your comments/support to the request, so that the Development team pick them up.
Regards, Baldrick
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We all get pinged on from our electronics enough during the day. When a change to software initiates a new ping, pop up, whatever that we have to devote time to disabling, that's bad. When we do not have the option to disable that's very bad.

Doing very bad thing to your users/customers is bad business. This whole thing is bad.