how to enter a pause field in password manager

  • 24 April 2015
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While using password manager, I need to have a pause of about 5 seconds before the manager starts loading fields.  The site I am going to takes a little time to load and the manager is trying to load the fields before the site is ready.
How can I make password manager wait?

6 replies

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Hello Mobleyr,
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To be honest I'm not sure how this can be done, Have you checked here Go to Advanced and see if Password Manager is set up to your liking.
I will ping @ and see if he can tackle this question.
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Hi Mobleyr
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I am afraid  that the answer to your question cannot induce an  'wait'...all you can do is not open up the Password Manager until the site has loaded.
having said that I have never come across your problem even with sites that I find load slowly.  I would expect that even with a slow load if once the site has loaded you right click on the Green 'W' icon you will find that the Password manager has identified your site and should be indicating by something like 'site found' or the like that it it has...if yo then click thorugh the options for that site...still in the context menu you will come to an option to Auto Fill.  It you take that it will then fill the credentials and you can access the site.
Not ideal but that still works OK.
Regards, Baldrick
Thank you for your reply.   The site I am having a problem with is   Give it a try and see if you have problems.
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Hi Bob
Have been over to but cannot see what the issue is.  As far as I can see if you have signed into the Password Manager before going to the site then when one clicks on Sign in on the site one is presented, pretty snappily as it happens here, with the popup for ones credentials.
Is the issue that PM is not recognising the popup and therefore not prefilling the spaces for the credentials?
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks for trying.  I really don't understand why my PM does not work right on Zillow.  It works fine for other sites including bank sites.  I found that if I set PM to not autofill for Zillow  then I can click on the bar that appears at the top of my screen.  That gives the site time to present the Sign In popup.  From that point it works fine.
Lazy me would like to do it all in one click.  If I could just get PM to wait 3 or 4 seconds before autofilling I am sure it would work fine.
So....again, thanks
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No worries, Bob.
I have checked the PM Preference and whilst there are asome time based attributes there are none corresponding to what you are looking for.
Ordianrily, I would suggest that you raise a Feature Request for the feature you are looking for (via link at the top of each page) but given that the Password Manager is actually a licensed copy (modified somewhat) of LastPass I do not think that there would be very much that the Development Team would be able to do to oblige.
Regards, Baldrick