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How to Reactivate a PC

  • 2 March 2013
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How to Reactivate a PC
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I deactivated one of my computers via the online console.  How do I reactivate it?


  1. Log into your Account Console.
  2. Click on the PC Security Tab or Button.


  3. On the next screen, at the upper right hand corner, click the VIEW drop down box, and select Deactivated PC's.


  4. You should now see a new screen that will show only Deactivated PC's.  Click on the PC you wish to Reactivate. 


  5. On the next screen that has the details of the Deactivated PC, click on the Commands tab at the top.  The only command available is Reactivate.  Click it.


  6. A confirmation pop up will display.  Click CONFIRM to continue, or Cancel if you do not wish to reactivate this PC.


  7. Click Ok. The PC is now reactivated in the Console.  You will still need to re-install WSA on your computer if you had already uninstalled it.



NOTE: If you reinstall WSA onto a Deactivated PC it will activate the software on that computer, but that computer will NOT show as protected in the Console.  You can Reactivate the PC either before or after reinstalling WSA on the computer.


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3 replies

i have the same proplem but i cant fix it pleaae help me
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Hello @,

Were you unable to reactivate it by following the instructions above?
When I look at your account I see 2 PCs protected and none deactivated at this time.

I would advise giving our support team a call at 1-866-612-4227 or submitting a support ticket at so they can investigate this for you.

Best Regards,

James G.

Webroot Community Support Team
thank you!