How to remove the threats detected on my Passport Backup Drive ?

  • 1 July 2016
  • 1 reply

I have on my Passport Backup Disk four folders containing threats that I cannot remove by normal process.  How do I remove them?

1 reply

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Hi RGadd
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Can you advise as to what what you mean by 'normal' process?
Also, whilst this may sound silly, have you scanned your drive with WSA to see if itbdetects these and can help to disinfect them?
Finally, if you are having difficulty then you can Open a Support Ticket to ask the Support Team to investigate and advise on this, especially if the folders are related to WSA.
Do post back and let us know what you decide/what feedback you get from Support if you go with that option.
Regards, Baldrick


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