I bought Internet Security Complete Advanced Security, at Best Buy, for 5 Devices. its saying 3

  • 5 March 2015
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I hope someone can help me to contact WEBROOT.  I bought The INTERNET SECURITY COMPLETE/ADVANCE SECRITY, at Best Buy.  When I logged on to my account, had WEBROOT INTERNET SECURITY FOR 3 DEVICES.  When I logged on to my account to show what computer is installed and toput the name of the one I just installed, WEBROOT ACCOUNT SAYS I HAVE 3 DEVICES FOR PROTECTION FOR 1 YEAR, BUT I bought the one that is for 5 Device.  How do I change this to fix for 5 Device?  Thank you for your time and help

1 reply

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Hello hotpeppersrus,
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Well I'm not sure about that. Your best bet is to take The product back to Best Buy with your reciept and explain to them that you bought the wrong product.
You can Contact Best Buy here 1.800.Geeksquad
Hope this helps!
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