I have scanned my computer and optimized it but the cooling fan still comes on for no reason

  • 11 February 2016
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My cooling fan comes on when doing simple tasks, and also for no reason at all, and my computer begins to go slower and slower

1 reply

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Hi homers948
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In general, given what you have said I would say that the problem is most likely to be heat related, and a common cause of that is an accumulation of dust in key components of the colling system, i.e., the fans themselves and/or the CPU heat sink.
So it is best to try and make sure these are clean/dust free in the first instance...you can Google guides as to how to do this but if you prefer we can provide a basic guide to how to do this.
If you eliminate this possible source then it will still be heat causingthe fan to work over time but in this case it will be becuase the CPU is working hard...so here we will need to check what is running on your system. Again, we can advise as to how to approach this if and when you need that information.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick