If I add another 1 year keycode will it be added to my current 67 days?

  • 27 December 2013
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I just bought another year of lic and I would like to add the code into my current account which has 67 days left on the subscription.
I want to add the code now, before I misplace it so while it's still fresh on my to-do list.
The question is:
If I add the new code then will the 365 days be added to the 67 days so I will have 432 days of subscription or will it reset the 67 days so I would have 365 days from today?

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12 replies

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Well, to make sure that the additional 365 days of the new key code is correctly added to the existing one, you will need to contact Support via a Trouble Ticket, unless @ is still around as he can give you a hand with that as well 🙂
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You can send it to me and I'll take care of it. :robothappy:
Is that the proper way to renew Webroot or is there a better method? Seems odd to have to contact support to add more time to your key. I guess that is one way to get the renewal at a cheaper price though.
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It is not a normal renewal, but at this time it appears to be accepted practice.  This was a new purchase that without help from Webroot will result in an entirely different subscription with a different key code, and not add the days together.
The normal way to renew is through the use of the Renew Now button in the WSA interface.  This DOES correctly, automaticaly add the newly paid for days to the existing, and not require any help from support.
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You can also manually renew through the Online Renewal page. Or I can add the days to your current subscription if you Send me Both Keycodes.
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Thanks Mike1. I should have noted that... I will next time 🙂
Thanks David and Mike!
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No problem!
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Always glad to help when I can 🙂
Sent both keys to MikeR yesterday.
I have PMed you  my codes on Monday my expiration date is still the same.
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The days have been added to the new subscription since it provides more seats! 😃