Is your PC bloated with temp files? System Analyzer will tell you and SecureAnywhere can remove them

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Large caches of temp files can bloat your machine and take up valuable hard drive space.
System Analyzer can tell you when you have excessive temp files on your system. Specifically, it will say "There are a large number of temporary files on your system which can be removed to optimize performance."

You can then use the System Cleaner that is built into SecureAnywhere Essentials and Complete to clean up these temp files and improve system performance. First, click on the System Tools tab and navigate to Cleanup Settings.

You can specify which temp files you would like the System Cleaner to remove including; Windows Temporary folders, Registry Streams, Cookies, URL History, and Temporary Internet Files. Click Save All and select Clean Up Now! :D
*edit is just to update the link 🙂

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