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  • 25 February 2015
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I started out on your first product Window Washer. It was great. Thats what led me to this, since Window Washer was not avilable. This product does not clean the way WW did.  Also no manual update link for "Live Updates", I cant tell when there has been an update, not really any way to tell that I can find.  At this poit, I have not seen anything that this product does better, than the cleaner product I have (Which cleans more), and The full Norton product I have (Norton Internet Security). Im not impressed at all. Unless there is something I missed, --- please let me know, otherwise I assume this was a waste, and you wont see me repeat renewing.  Love the Window Washer, excellent product, shame you didnt keep it.
Gerry Slobe
(edited for privacy reasons)

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