Login Fail - Password Management.

  • 1 January 2015
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I have had a 5 year subscription of your Webroot SecureAnywhere - Complete for nearly a year installed on my Home Desktop with Windows 8 with relatively minor, easily corrected problems.
I never installed it on my iPhone or iPad as I never felt the need.
With the advent of Apple Pay, the purchase of a new iPhone 6 Plus, and a new iPad Air 2, I decided to install added security; namely Webroot SecureAnywhere - Complete.
After installing and opening the SecureWeb app on each unit; I pressed the little key icon with the red x over it.
I was asked to Login to SecureWeb. Then it asked for my User Name - Having never established a User Name with Webroot, I used my email address and the password established with Webroot............. Login Failure.....
While writing this question, the problem solved itself. Not sure how or why. Maybe a glitch.
Ed Baker

1 reply

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There could have been a temporary network issue that caused this. As long as it is working fine now you should be good to go.
If it happens again, or if you have any other issues, be sure to ask!