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  • 6 February 2017
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Webroot told me that if I renew prior to my current subscription expiring I will lose the remaining days on my current subscription.

Best answer by BurnDaddy 6 February 2017, 21:40

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8 replies

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Hello @,

Your current keycode has 29 days remaining. If you renew the same license, it will simply add 365 days as if it were a "balance of days" if you will.

If you would like any further assistance, please reach out to our Sales Team directly:
Sales Number: 1-866-612-4268 M-F 7am?8pm MT

Hi DKentS,
As JP has stated, if you RENEW your subscription through Webroot then time will be added to your existing subscription. However, if you get a NEW license then, technically you are not renewing, you're REPLACING the current subscription, which would also replace, not add to, the days remainig on your subscription.
Hope this info helps,
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Thank you for the clarification.
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Thank you for your reply. I have Secure Anywhere now and will be renewing (replacing?) with Complete. I had planned to wait until my SA expired unless when I enter the new Complete key code it will update to Complete and add 365 days to whatever days I have remaining on SA at that time. Will t do that?
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Hi DKentS,

Sorry it looks like JP & BurnDaddy are off line. So maybe I can answer your question?

No do not upgrade now by installing WSAComplete or you will lose the remaining 29 days.(as JP has stated your remaining days) But if you upgrade now, Webroot will not add those days automatically if you install now.

If you are upgrading to WebrootSecure Anywhere Complete please Submit a Support Ticketand they can add your remaining days. Only Support can do this. Unless @ can intervine?

You can call as well during business hours.

1-866-612-4268 M-F 7am-8pm MT

Hope this helps?
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Thank you for your help.
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You are most welcome! 😉
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Dear Webroot (Theives)
I have subscriptions with other software and this is the only one that rips people off for their remaining days.