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  • 20 January 2016
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I'm getting a malicious alert ahead screen pop up when I open In header of alert is , . I did two scans both are clean. Initially opens up and all appears normal, but in a few seconds before I can do anything the malicious alert screen pops up. How do I fix this?   I've done two scans and both came up clean. 
thank you

1 reply

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Hi ng54
Welcome to the Community Forums.
This has nothing to do with anything on your system so running scans of WSA will serve no purpose. The block page is highlighting that as far as the reputation of the site is concerned it is suspect...but if you happen to know and be sure that the site is good then it could be a False Positive.
If you are sure that the site is safe then you can click on the 'Tell me more about it' link and in the additional options displayed then click on the 'Unblock page and continue' option. This will whitelist the site locally and means that in future the block page shuld be suppressed as you have locally whitelisted.
But I need to be sure that the site is safe before undertaing the override action...otherwise you could be exposing yourself to malware and other nasties. Sure WSA will stillprotect you from these should they try to venture onto your system but why invite them in, in the first place? ;)
Regards, Baldrick