• 2 September 2012
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I'm sorry that your addiction to Webroot is so strong that you feel it can never make a mistake.
I personally find it to be the best anti-virus and firewall made.
But it sucks at Malware.
Malwarebytes shows you the infections and they are not cookies. Infection Webroot didn't pick up.
Deal with it.
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Is it possible some of the items that were found by MalwareBytes were things more like cookies used by the ad-dropping services? A lot of solutions show these as malware, when really they aren't, they are more annoyware. The original poster remarked how ad free Facebook was after running it: I get the same result by simply clearing browser cache and cookies.

I see instances very often in which a user swears their computer is infested with 100's and even 1000's of viruses. The solution they are using classifies all tracking cookies as malware, which most are not. They simply tell what recent pages you visited so the ad-bots can send you targeted ads. No personal information about you is contained, only the fact that your computer visited for example, and really present no real threat to you.
I respect that you disagree with me. But it's a fact. I'm the second person on this thread that has discussed the lack of Webroot stopping Malware.
1. You run Webroot and it says 0 infections.
2. You run Malwarbytes and it catches malware that Webby couldn't.
Sorry, but that's the truth. Webroot sucks at stopping Malware.
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I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you I'm not sure if you seen this video or not but it does explain what's working in the back ground:
Even though I find Webroot complete to be the greatest anti-virus ever, and I mean EVER made, to be honest it has the worst Malware protection. I finally got sick of this problem and downloaded the free MalwareBytes program to run along with my Webroot and things are good.
It's not because there's a problem with your Webroot program, it's just that the Webroot product stinks at catching malware.
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Hi barafundle,
Sorry to hear that you had 27 threats. I would do what TH suggested about the support ticket to find out why WSA didn't pick them up.Your post hit my eye when you mentioned Facebook. I run WSA and MBAM Pro together on all my computers. My wife is always on Facebook with her computer so I checked the logs for MBAM and seen no hits on malware. I also just did a Full scan with MBAM Pro with negative results. You could have got these threats from Facebook or another website.
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@ wrote:
Hi I noticed a lot of pop up type ads on facebook so ran full scans but nothing was detected so I ran Malware Bytes which found 27 threats which I removed and which got rid of the the ads on FB just wondering if my Webroot should have picked them up?
It's hard to say as you let Malwalebyte's clean it up so I would suggest you Submit a Support Ticket so that they can have a look at your scan logs to see and make sure it's fully cleaned up! The first step always if your running Webroot SecureAnywhere and you think your infected is to contact them as they will clean your machine FREE of charge and let you know why!