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  • 26 April 2012
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Hi all,
Just to inform you that padlock that is usually seen over WSA icon in the systray when browsing on a HTTPS site or a HTTP site (configuration has to be set to Maximum) is striking in my case. It is a long lasting issue on my PC. I have been in touch with Joseph and Joe from the support via opening the support ticket, we have exchanged a lot of information about the issue. We ended up in having a remote support session which revealed that it is rather an aesthetic issue than malfunctioning of the Identity shield. They verified the shield is working correctly even if the padlock is missing what is a relief indeed. However we weren't able to fix the issue because there is likely not a way to resolve it without a change to the program's code (something what people in support do not do). The issue stems from problems created by the fact that my operating system is in a different language than English. So it may not be something that can/will be resolved until Webroot start to release WSA in other languages.
This my post shouldn't be in no way understood as a complaint. I wanted to give it to know publicly for the case somebody will hit on the same troubles with missing padlock.
If you would like to test the Identity shield the following program generally gives a good idea as to whether or not the shield is working.

Please keep in mind that you likely will not receive a message about blocking or removing the test like the instructions indicate, but you will see that on https sites your keystrokes are not logged and screen grabs do not show anything.
I apologize for using some information/links from my correspondence with Webroot's specialists. If I breached the community rules, I kindly ask moderators to adjust my post accordingly.
Thanks & regards,

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Hey Pegas,
Thanks a lot for the update! As always, your post is both informative and useful and we really appreciate all your contribution to the Community!
Oh, and don't worry about posting the link! It's a great place to demonstrate that our ID shield is working properly! 😃
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Hello Yegor,
Thanks for your comments.
It looks like that I am not alone experiencing this hitch. On the Wilders Prevx forum there is a few others pointing to this issue as well. However some report no problem with the padlock, others say the padlock is missing and the third group is of those who say it is an intermittent issue 😃 So we have almost completely possible scenario :D
Nevertheless as long as the shield is working properly, there is no reason to panic. The small annoyance might be that without having seen the padlock you don't have any other evidence the shield is fully up and working unless you test the shield against keyloggers etc. using for instance zemana's tool.
So, I and probably all others plagued would be delighted to see someday the padlock back on its place ;)
Thanks & regards,
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Hi pegas
Just wondering if this issue affects all your browsers (assuming that you use more than one)?  I use a mixture and whilst I have found no issue with IE, FF & Opera I do have an issue when I use IronBrowser (a Chrome derivative) and so was wondering if Chrome (& it derivatives) are not covered by Identity Shield or if I have a specific instance of the same issue that you have reported?
Many thanks in advance.
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Hello Baldrick,
Yes, I see no padlock in Opera & IE9. Primarily I use Opera, IE9 literally for a few pages. No other browsers installed.
As I stated in my first post, the issue probably stems from a different language OS than English and may last until WSA is issued in other languages.
Thanks & regards,
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I see this is an old post, but...

I noticed that when Webroot is scanning, the padlock on the icon in the System Tray disappears. Once the scan is complete, it reappears.

Using Windows 7 64-bit, SP-1; US English; Chrome v. 71.0.3578.98.