My long lasting issues - pending support

  • 17 December 2012
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I may have actually been a little behind the times concerning Item 1. Based on the most recent reports, that may have been fixed for most users as of just a few days ago. TripleHelix, are you still missing the padlock? Pegas, if the issue is still affecting you specifically, it could be a localization issue with your Czech OS (Czech being unsupported). I followed up via private message concerning Item 2 (another issue for which you are the only person reporting it) with some additional troubleshooting suggestions.
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Hello Jim!
Thanks for your comments. I am glad that item 1 and 3 are under progress because I eagerly am awaiting them to be resolved. 
As for the missing padlock, it's a century I have seen it on my PC lastly, in fact I saw it in the early versions of WSA (when it transformed from Prevx 4) and since than if I want to see the padlock I have to open the user guide and check how it looks :D
As regards the WebShield, it is annoying and the WebShield clearly fails and thus the shield is definitelly not fulfilling its purposes.
Regarding item 2), you are referring to the wrong issue, however many thanks for your point of view related to my Allow Once idea. 
Please see below an extract from my correspondence with Angela via the support system:
"The file named "wsalogs_my email address_2012-10-24-" belongs to report where a FW prompt should be shown when checking updates in VLC and Ashampoo." 
For more references please track this issue in your support system.

Anyway, should you need something more to resolve my issues like a remote session etc. just drop me a message.
Once you have some further information available please let me know.
Thanks & regards,
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Hi Pegas,
Issues 1 and 3 are both assigned to development. 
Our lead developer has been working on Item 1, but it appears there is more work to be done.  

Item 3 is scheduled to be dealt with, and we haven't forgotten about it.  There are changes coming in the future that will ultimately resolve this problem.  Rather than expending resources on patching the bug in the short term, resources are being focused on a more robust, permanent solution that, while it takes a little longer to develop, will be worth it.

Issue 2, I believe (correct me please if I'm referencing the wrong issue), is one in which it was explained that, although the way in which WSA logs "Allowed Once" can be somewhat confusing by virtue of it dropping Allowed Once entries into the Allowed column, it's currently working as designed.  You had created an idea that suggests creating an "Allowed Once" column to mitigate this confusion.  That's a good idea as I see it, but it's unfortunately received very few kudos so far.  Part of this, I believe, is that the number of users that make use of "Allowed Once" is small proportionate to the user-base.  Of those users, the number that need to go looking for an "Allowed Once" entry to check up on it is also probably small proportionately.  And of those users that both make use of the "Allowed Once" feature and who need to go looking for the reference entry, those who believe a separate column is necessitated for proper control are also probably low, since once you get to the point of needing to look for an entry to perform a manual change, you are most likely already committed to either Allow or Block.  That's not to say the feature wouldn't be useful or that it's not a good idea (I actually voted for this one myself) - just that the prioritization is in line with the demand at the moment.
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I can confirm Items 1 and 3 on Win 7 x64 #2 I don't know as I use Look'n'Stop Firewall with WSA-C.