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I just moved from Avast to WR Complete based on some reviews and ability to manage multiple devices from centralized interface which is why I purchased Avast years ago because of their WHS interface that really no longer exists.
Anyway, I also have LastPass Preimium for myself and LastPass free for my wife. I use a shared family folder with my wife for the logons she uses and I keep them up for her. Some of the sites in my vault currently have multilevel security prompts configured like for pin codes or additional prompts a company might require ... particularly financial sites. I also use LastPass on my Android phone for various financial apps. I also have the extension installed on my PC to log into some applications on my PC like Quicken and investment tools.
I would simply like some feedback on what people's experiences were moving from LastPass to WR Password Manager and whether it would be worth me dropping the LastPass Premium and migrating all my sites from LastPass. I'm thinking it should make it a little easier to share a folder with my wife ... but I'm not sure about what I will be giving up.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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