Password Manager Does Not Work with Google Chrome

I have Webroot Complete and the Password Manager does not work with Chrome. Webroot Tech Support could not fix the problem. Does anyone have any ideas to solve this problem? 

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Hello scubasit, welcome back :)
No worries about that last post.  Are things working correctly now or do you still need to have help with either the Password Manager or the old key codes? 
yes I would like to have alll the older key codes deleted if that is possible. Thanks
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:Dscubasit Hello I'm not sure but @ doesnt issuing a support ticket from here work for this?scubasit requests?I would like to have alll the older key codes deleted if that is possible. Thanks
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Yes, that is it exactly :)
While we users cannot remove old expired Key Codes, Webroot Support can.  🙂
My limited experience and solution:
OS is Vista, Google Chrome is 35.0.1916.153, using Webroot Secure Anywhere.
I too do not have a webroot icon. I checked the extensions in Google Chrome (click: 3 orange bars, tools, extensions) and Webroot Password Manager ver. 2.5.5 was in there and enabled.
 I found by left-clicking on the >> symbol to the left of the 3 horizontal orange bars, it brought up a selection for Webroot Password Manager. I was able to log in to the Webroot Password Manager and have it load my passwords.
Hope this helps.
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Hi Himself
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Thanks for stopping by an sharing.
A little tip for you in case you are no aware of can move the Webroot icon so that you do not have to click on the >> symbol to the left of the 3 horizontal bars.
Just find the icon as decribed already, left click on it, and holding the left click down drag the icon to where you want it on the Extension Bar.  Doing so will consign the last visible app's icon to the >> list but at least you will have the Web root icon much more readily accessible.
Apologies if you were already aware of this...just trying to be helpful.
Thank you for posting the link to install the Chrome add-on. As I have had to re-install WSA complete, I find that sometimes that browser add-on doesn't load. This helps a lot. I will save the link. ML