Password Manager error on setup

  • 10 October 2017
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I just paid for and activated my account for WSA Complete and am trying to set up the Password Manager, but when I go to my web console I have an error message in the Passwords box that states: "An error has occurred during account creation. Please contact Webroot Customer Support."
Why am I not allowed to set this up?
Thanks in advance

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5 replies

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Hello drmancu,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
The Password Manager and the online console are controlled in the Webroot Cloud, which is something that we volunteers have no access to so I would follow the advice given and Open a Support Ticket,
 Support usually responds in 24-48 hours and they will fix this right up for you. If you upgraded Webroot with a new activation key then you will need Support to handle this.
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Thanks Ssherjj for your reply.
I shall reach out to support.
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Hi @,
You are most welcome! :)
Please let us know how things were so resolved so that we may help others with similar issues. When you have a chance. :)
Thank you,
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Hi there,
I did send in a support request last evening.
This morning, I went to sign in to my web console and the Passwords section was active and I was able to access the password manager as normal.
Not sure if this was fixed due to my support request or if more time just needed to pass.
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That's super great! Sometimes it'll take time to register in the cloud.;)

Thank you for letting us know.
Have a great day! 🙂