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  • 22 March 2016
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I have Webroot complete 2015 which expires in about 3 days. I bought a new Webroot complete 2016 and and activated the new key code in my 2015 account. it now shows I have 365 days and all my passwords are in my passwoed manager.  My Question is, in 3 days whem my old key code expires, will all my passwords remain in my new 2016 Webroot.  I sure don't want to loose all my pass words Thanks Bob

3 replies

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Hi shawanobob
Yes, they will be retained (for 30 days since you activated the new keycode) but you will not be able to access them under WSA using the new keycode.
This is because the keycode is used as part of the key that the data is stired against/under in the have change that by enteringa new one and so yo cannot access the data.
The best thing to do is to Open a Support Ticket, letting the Support Team know what has happened, and including both old and new keycodes, and ask them to transfer from old to new.
As I said you have 30 days to undertake this before the data is securely wiped from the Cloud.
Hope that helps?
Redgards, Baldrick
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Thanks for the fast answer to my question. I have sent the same message on a ticket, just haven't got a answer back from Weberoot yet, and was worryied I may loose my passwords at the time the old one expires. Sounds like I have 30 days to get it done Thanks Bob
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Hi Bob
You are most have 30 days from the point of activation of the new keycode...that should be enough time for Support to respond and effect the transfer...unless the new activation was 29 days ago...;)
Keep us posted on how you go with this.
Regards, Baldrick