Password Manager problem

  • 26 November 2018
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Perhaps Best Buy should stop recommending this product. I was hoping this product could replace my Norton subscription with Password Vault because Norton is so expensive and slows down my computer, but it appears this Webroot product is unreliable and poorly supported. I bought my new PC a couple weeks ago and have yet to be able to get password vault to work. I worked with Best Buy's Geek squad yesterday for more than two hours, apparently even THEY don't know there is an issue with the Webroot product.

Webroot, you better get your act together soon or you will be losing MANY customers AND will lose the Best Buy product recommendation.
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I would like to add that the Password Manager icon does not even show up, there is an icon for Webroot Filtering Extension, but nothing for Password Manager.
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musicalbanker: Which browser? forgive me if this info exists here; I am following about 5 threads on this subject.
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Chrome, Edge, and IE
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Multiplied over millions of password manager users, a low risk to the individual could turn in a large number of exposed passwords bluestacks.