Password Manager problem

  • 26 November 2018
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Everything on my computer is working perfectly except for the Webroot Password Manager.  When I attempt to log into it from Chrome or Firefox I get an error message: "An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your internet connection"
When I go to my web console and attempt to access passwords I get this error message: "This site says login failed   reason=ajax error".
I have Webroot complete on a laptop i7, Windows 10 pro, 16 gigs of ram and tons of free disc space.
I am able to access all sites on the internet and am networked in to a desktop with no issues.  The only place I am getting this ajax error is when I attempt to access the Webroot password manager.
I see elsewhere on this forum that Webroot is going to issue a new Password Manager in January or February 2019.  Do you think I should just wait and see what happens and if this issue gets fixed or send a support ticket?   Any other ideas?
Regards, Tom Mitchell

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30 replies

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I would like to add that the Password Manager icon does not even show up, there is an icon for Webroot Filtering Extension, but nothing for Password Manager.
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musicalbanker: Which browser? forgive me if this info exists here; I am following about 5 threads on this subject.
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Chrome, Edge, and IE
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It's hard to believe that a software developer with a completely non-working, major component of it's software, would allow this to continue for 3 full months!!!
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Multiplied over millions of password manager users, a low risk to the individual could turn in a large number of exposed passwords bluestacks.