password manager woes.

  • 11 May 2015
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I have recently installed WSA complete with high hopes.  I particularly liked the idea of being able to easily merge my Lastpass list into Webroot with their common PM architecture.  Unfortunately I have encountered a couple of really unacceptable barriers along the way.  First I cannot get the PM toolbar to install on the chrome browser.  I have reinstalled Webroot.  I have run the toolbar fix.  I have rebooted untold times.  Nothing.  The second problem is that I cannot get the Webroot password manager to read the Lastpass exported CSV file.  It gets an error reading it and I don't know where to look. I have regenerated it a couple of times and I get the same error. I am at my wits end.  Any ideas.

5 replies

By the way. The toolbar does install on IE and Firefox OK. I am running Win 8.1.
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Hi pamur,
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If you are having issues with lastpass and PW Manager and Chrome install of PW Manager then please submitt a Support Ticket and they will kindly look into this for you free of charge wioth an active subscription.
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I did contact Webroot support and they solved the issue of password export from lastpass but they only suggested using the toolbarfix app to solve my problem with Chrome installation.  I had done that before and I did it again and it still did not install.  I gather from other comments on the board that this is not an unusual problem. But I haven't ran across an accepted alternate procedure. 
Also I have got a couple of Windows notices that the firewall is turned off.  Webroot panel says Firewall is on.  Is there another switch that I need to throw somewhere. 
I figured out that the Webroot firewall is only outgoing so you still need to activate windows firewall. Still can't figure out how to install password manager toolbar on Chrome.
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Hi pamur,
I wrote this article on how to install the password manager in Opera but it should work the same for manually installing in Chrome
I'll go ahead and skip to the part you want ;)
Open an explorer window & type C:ProgramDataWRDataPKG into the address bar. There should be a file near the top of the list (at the time of this writing, it was eighth in the list) called "lpchrome.crx". Drag and drop that into Opera's (in your case Chrome's) extension manager and confirm the installation. To get to Chrome's extension manager type "chrome://extensions" without the quotes in the address bar.
Feel free to let me know if this works or not 😃