Receive Notifications WebAdvisor viruses found; Nortor 5 viruses found; Trojan.win32.generic detected

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Windows 10 installed

I have installed Webroot:  Secure Anywhere ce 22.2

After I clicked on a link to view a movie I have been receiving these message; notifications.


Receiving notifications your computer is infected anti-virus updated required.

Notifications received:

Windows WebAdvisor: viruses found 5, your computer is infected by viruses.  Click here to renew anti-virus;

12:27 pm


McAfee critical virus alert, click here to renew antivirus;

1:24 & 1:25 pm


Trojan.win32.generic detected.;


Norton Anti-virus message: 

your windows 10 is infected with 5 viruses   time 12:20 pm & 12:27 pm


Checked startups nothing found; checked add-ons could not find Web Advisor;

Checked extensions could not find Web Advisor

Checked control panel for could not find McAfee; 

If I turn off notifications, I do not receive ant notices.

Ran Webroot did not find any virsuses. 



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Hello @joshts 


1st the version number is v9.0.32.58 which is the latest and the CE 22.2 is the Online Console Edition version number here:



With issues like this it’s best the Submit a Support Ticket and Webroot support will help you out and tell you what the issue could be.




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Thanks for the information.  Ticket submitted.  Hope they will respond, and we can resolve the issues.

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Thanks for the information.  Ticket submitted.  Hope they will respond, and we can resolve the issues.

If it’s happening only when using your Browser then it could be scareware or pop-ups to scare you, also can you tell us which browsers you use as you should have a good free pop-up/ad blocker. I can show you more once you reply!



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I am using Microsoft Edge.  Thanks for the follow-up.


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Here is a link to uBlock Origin and use Microsoft Edge to download and install: or uBlock Origin - Microsoft Edge Addons


I have and use it on Edge:



Let us know if it helps!



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Installed u-Block Origin in Microsoft Edge.  

What about the message: Trojan.win32.generic detected?

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Did you get a reply from support?

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Have not received a reply from support.

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Hello @joshts 


Just checking to make sure you did Submit a Support Ticket and if you have not received a reply from support just wait a bit longer. I will ping a Community Staff member and he may need more info from you. @TylerM 



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Thanks for the information. 

   What about the message   Trojan.win32.generic detected.


 I did the following prior to submitting the ticket and to community.

Clicked on three dots in Microsoft Edge browser

        3 lines next to Settings

              Cookies and permissions

                    Manage and delete cookies and site data 

                            Block                                                     Add


No problems since then.  I also added uBlock Origin.

Do I need to remove block for and just keep the uBlock Origin?

Have not seen any messages from Norton, Mcfee Advisor or Trojan.win32.  Is Trojan still there? 

uBlock is working.  I highlighted the uBlock symbol in Microsoft Edge browser and it shows what has been blocked for a site and total blocked since installed.







Privacy, search, and services


Start, home, and new tabs

Share, copy and paste

Cookies and site permissions

Default browser



Edge bar



System and performance

Reset settings

Phone and other devices


About Microsoft Edge


Cookies and data stored

/ Cookies and site data

Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)



Block third-party cookies

When on, sites can't use cookies that track you across the web. Features on some sites may break.



Preload pages for faster browsing and searching

Uses cookies to remember your preferences, even if you don’t visit those pages



See all cookies and site data



You've prevented the following sites from saving and reading cookies on your device.


I have Webroot Version Secure Anywhere CE 22.2





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Pop ups like that is a typical move by malicious websites. In these scenarios, you aren’t actually infected or compromised but are visiting a website with embedded scripts to pop up fake virus alerts (thus the different antivirus brand names). It’s like gambling, 1 out of 10 people are going to have one of those security suites and assume it’s a legitimate alert then click the help link or call the number and BAM, they got a victim. That is where the real crime lies - when you take the bait.

My bet is this is a fake alert. smartyeys[.]com is a new domain just registered on June 16, 2022 from Reykjavik, Iceland and more than likely is being used as a new malicious website with fake virus alert and that would mean the message is a hoax.

So how can you determine if it’s fake?

Here’s a sweet short list of quick ways to identify where the popups are originating (and then get assistance from there regarding how to stop the message, “ Trojan.win32.generic detected.”) -

  1. If the message happens when visiting that website - it’s the website.
  2. If it happens when visiting links to and from that website, it could still be the website because malicious sites like to work in rings. We’ll call it the badgy / badger network.
  3. If it happens no matter where you go on that browser, then your browser has been hijacked.
  4. If it happens no matter where you go using any browser (try Chrome, Firefox), your DNS / router may be infected.
  5. If it happens when you’re not using a browser (you’re on your desktop and maybe you’ve opened a Windows document or are about to play a game - then your pc or program is infected.

Which scenario seems like it’s yours? Website, website(s), browser, any browser, desktop?