Renewal seems a bit of a ripoff

  • 10 September 2018
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I just got my renewal notice for my secure anywhere complete, for the price of $70.  The only problem is that there are coupons available, from Webroot itself, for 29.99 for new subscriptions. 
WTF happened to the concept of rewarding loyalty?  I went through this same nonsense from my mobile phone company.  I just went through this crap from my mobile phone provider, and my reaction is the same; the competition offers pretty much the same product at a much better price.  Switching is as easy as uninstalling one product and installing another, which is my plan if Webroot doesn't make a reasonable counter offer.
Companies have to EARN loyalty, not demand it.  As soon as I click POST, I'll be removing the auto renew option from my profile. 
Get with it, folks.  I'm happy with your product, but not so happy that I will suffer getting ripped off to use it.

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How do I turn off auto renewal ??

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10 replies

Actually, the price for renewal is higher than I originally posted...$79.99...over 60% higher than the offer to new customers. 
I ran into that scenario with Norton. That is the reason I switched over to WebRoot. If that is the policy here, too, then I will be seeking new security software when my subscription runs out. Like you, I am very satisfied with the software, but not with being held for ransom. Actually, before I made the switch, I was looking at the various options out there. Before I chose WebRoot, I specifically asked what the renewal policy was. Time will tell.
I just had a couple of chats with webroot sales people...and basically got the runaround. 
I was told that the 29.99 offer, (which is on the webroot site...if you search for it), is an affiliates only price that third party sellers can offer...but somehow, webroot is unable to offer it directly to customers...even though it's their own product. 
Unable?  WTF?  Unable how?  It's their product.  They can sell it for any price they choose.  I would respect them a bit more if they at least said unwilling...but unable?  Of course they are able to sell the product for what I previously paid...but they won't. 
That's a whole lot of tapdancing and double talk.  And here I was naively thinking maybe webroot was maybe a bit different. 
I guess not.  Be prepared for some serious sticker shock when it comes time to renew.  I recommend turning off auto-renew, lest you find out moments AFTER they grab your cash. 
How do I turn off auto renewal ??
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@ wrote:
How do I turn off auto renewal ??

Enter the Keycode here:
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I renewed last month for 2 years for 3 computers as previously done via Webroot website.  It cost me 10.00 more to download vs  buying a new CD at our local Best Buy and then +3.00 in gas and time.  
When I downloaded for renewal, it updated the other 2 laptops too.  Nice!
Webroot notifies me 30 days in advance, w repeat annoying notices over that time frame.  I wait till 2 days before it expires and renew.   No issues with me.   
Always check webroot CD pricing at Best Buy.  If cheaper and want it, just put in the new Key codes.
I did a search for webroot coupons and got the 29.99 deal again.  I believe it starts a new account but the only thing you lose is whatever you have stored in their cloud.  Since I don't use it, no problem. 
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I was just automatically renewed with no notice at the rate of over $86 a year. I have opted out of the auto renewal and will be looking for a new anti-virus program for my 3 systems at a cost a disabled vet an afford.
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Sketchy business model and makes me wonder about this company. This is the pseudo-ransomware model of business where you are opted in automatically to a renewal and then have to ask for a 'key' to even turn it off? WTH is that?

Starting to regret purchasing this software, highly unethical business practice.
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We can look up an account by other means than the keycode, generally email is easiest. If you ever wish to opt-out of renewal you can call us or use the link provided here.