single nameless threat detected and removed over and over again

  • 6 April 2019
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[h4]I ve got Webroot SecureAnywhere®️ Internet Security Complete. Every time WBR scans my pc, it reports back at the end of the scan that 1 threat was removed. I checked Quarantine, found an old threat and deleted it. HOWEVER, WBR keeps on reporting 1 threat removed in subsequent scans, through Quarantine remains clean. Tried a Malwarebytes scan too and it's all clean...[/h4]
1) How do I find out which threat was removed?
2) Is it possible that the threat which keeps being removed is the same threat, which is not actually being removed?
3) If the response to the previous question is YES, then how do I remove it?

2 replies

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Hello @stelliost , Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum.☺

Please submit a Support Ticket or Contact Webroot Support to sort this problem. This service is FREE with a Paid Subscription.
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Well, if I may add? You could try checking the contents of the Scan & Threat Logs to see if they can shed any light on this.

To access them just click on the gear/cog to the right of 'Utilities' on the main panel, and then click on the 'Reports' tab. You should then see, on the left hand side, buttons for 'Save scan log' & 'Save threat log'.

Both work in the same way but just save the relevant log to your hard disk. If you click on either button you will be given the opportunity to select where on your hard disk the log should be saved & under what file name. Clicking on 'Save' will do that but also open up the log on Notepad from which you can peruse the contents, cut or copy paste them, etc.

Check that out if it is of interest to you but otherwise let the Support Team do the same (and more) when they respond to your ticket (if submitted).

Regards, Baldrick