Some settings keep resetting itself to default.

No matter how many times I try, after SecureAnywhere restart, or system reboot, some settings I change are reset to default.
In my case these settings are:
- Scan Settings -> "Show the "Authenticating Files" popup...
- Access Control -> Require the (..) CAPTCHA (...) critical (...)
I did not change much, so I do not know how many more can be affected.
But some of the setting stay permanent, for example reducing logging or resource usage.
After changing setting I get warning about possible settings override from WebConsole. As I chose  "User Configuration"  for every registered PC, I do not understand this whole situation.

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No luck, "Show auth. popup (...)" keeps enabling itself although it was disabled through whole session after unchecking tickbox.

I take this back, it was my fault.
I clicked on "save all" button on main settings dialog (with slide bars) after changing and saving advanced settings.
This button resets user made changes to advanced settings.
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@ wrote:
OK all fixed in a Future Build it was something that had to be fixed in/for the registry as the OS wasn't telling WSA it was shutting down so @ used a debugging build and that one worked so he put me back on the build I was on because it wasn't showing in the action center. Another bug bites the dust. ;)
Thanks Daniel for the information. This bug was quite insidious and we are happy it has gone. BTW, I can't myself recall when, if ever, Joe wasn't successful with debugging of my PC during remote sessions 😃