Something just erased my WSA program, and cut off internet access. What happened?

  • 11 October 2015
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Something took out my WSA program, did not allow me to change my Windows firewall, rendered my ethernet access to the internet useless, and severely limited my WI FI access.  I restored my pc to a few days ago, got back on line, re-installed my WSA software, and now here I am.  What happened and is it still in there??  The WSA, after a scan, found no sign of anything.  Thank you for your thoughts.

1 reply

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There could have been a few things that caused it, possibly some form of malware that is new, and thus not detected.  If you are able to remember exactly what website you were on, or if you happened to click something to download right when the problem started that might give you an idea as to the culprit.
Chances are there will not be a log remaining on the computer that will be of much help, given you had to use a restore and re-install WSA 😞