"System Analyzer" changes?

  • 3 December 2018
  • 2 replies

Have they changed the way results are giver after a system scan?  I am not seeing a numerical score anymore just a "your system is running well" message.

2 replies

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Yes there is a change in System Analyzer results. I would not depend too much on the results. This is just a guide line. Please look at this Request. HTH ;)
Thanks for the response Dave.  It looks like from the thread link you sent the consesus is that webroot sys analyzer is not very popular.  I'm an amature geek and use SA on about 10 PCs that I take of for people.  I've always found SA helpful (especially with a "score") but if there is a better PC option my fellow Webroot enthusitists rely on I'd love to know about it. A good, open-source option would be great. One thing I like(d) most about SA is that it was always there with all my Webroot-protected machines.  Any suggestions?
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