Transfer purchased keycode to current

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Been with Webroot for over 6 years now. I have done this now each time. I was told this round though to call Sales... Which I did and told they don't add time to current keycodes. Said yet they have, done it many time.. reply was "no we haven't, never have... yet I wont argue with you about it"...

he wasn't being rude, just matter of fact attitude. Anyways, I take great dissatisfaction from this. As said this has been done so many times and the reason why I stay with webroot as the ease of it as some systems on my 5 license aren't easily accessible. So I ask, is there anyone that can do what has been done 5 or 6 times already without an issue. All has been great in the past with this very issue up until now. Thank you and I look forward to y our reply.

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This has been resolved on a private message thread with @Datagg  - closing thread.

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What was the outcome? The solution?

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Hello all, hope everyone is doing well.  … Its time again to renew…. Can i purchase new keycode like before and have someone apply it to current keycode?….  Thanks guys…..