Uninstalled, but contextual menus remain

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Hello https:///t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/5460,
The Webroot removal tool you mention in your post is only for 2011 versions and older. It has no impact on modern versions as they are a completely different architecture. Webroot may want to modify it to make that clear.
Although I have the registry key you can remove to fix this, I hestitate to post instructions like that. I encourage you to open a support ticket, they will quickly reply with the instructions you need to resolve this. You don't need to register.
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After you tried David's suggestions and if continues please do a reboot to see if it's still there? If it is Please Download and install Revo Uninstaller Free from David's Software Removal Tools List then install WSA again reboot then uninstall WSA with Revo Uninstaller and at the second stage make sure Advanced Mode is checked and scan for left overs and delete all found then reboot and check again if it's still there. If it's still there I have one more Idea.
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Well, give those a try first, see if they will work.  If not, let us know and hopefully someone else with have additional suggestions.
I'll try that. Any other suggestions?
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Hello Kenellrt, welcome back!
I could be wrong, but you may need to re-install WSA on the affected computer.  After that, instead of going through Programs and Features to remove it, you might try to unistall from the Webroot listing in the Programs menu, though the Start button, or by using the deactivate control from the Account Console.
If neither of these works, you might want to file a Trouble Ticket.