User Agreement Keeps Popping Up Repeatedly After WR Registration

  • 7 November 2020
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Hello, I have been a WR user for many years so when it was time to get a new code for all our computers I did not hesitate. I have updated all the computers and phones but now about every 30 minutes there is a pop up about a new WebRoot user agreement. I have tried rebooting, opening it and scrolling through it and turning off the application and restarting but the problem persists on all of the Windows 10 devices. What is the solution, it is very annoying especially when I am in the middle of something and it pops up?

2 replies

I have the same problem.  Keeps popping up every 30 mins(?) or so.  I haven’t timed it.  Windows 10 pro.

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I am not sure this community blog is watched very carefully. As you can see there are no responses. I finally put in a ticket and they recommended that I remove WR completely and reinstall it. That cleared up the issue for me on my W10 Pro PC. I hope that helps.