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  • 5 January 2014
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When viewing pictures in webroot anywhere folder they are fine but when i go online and view(in image mode) them they are upside down,turned to the left-right and also alot of times they dont show at all?.Also there should be a setting when viewing pictures online it switches to image mode.

7 replies

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Hello brihy1!
Interesting observations!  I have not used my space for image storeage, so I was not aware of that!  In terms of the images that refuse to show, you might wait for additional replies here or maybe file a Trouble Ticket.
As for your ideas on how to improve it, that might be best posted as a new thread in the Ideas area.  
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There is definitely a problem with image view,now they dont even show at all.i will change the topic name and put that suggestion in the idea part of forum.
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Please take a look at your online backup and fix it.I will go back to sugarsync for now as your backup is not fully functional.
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Hello brihy1, 
Have you submitted a Trouble Ticket for the issues you are having?
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No i have not submitted a ticket as im dealing with another trouble ticket at this time so ill do one at a time.This must be a webroot online problem as i use sugarsync and have used dropbox and boxsync and have no problems viewing pictures on those backup sites.Remember this is happening online(webroot online backup) not on my computer.
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I have givin up on backup & sync as itis unuseable and lacking for me.No thumbnail view,cant connect alot of times,cant view pictures online and if i do they are shown upside down or the wrong way.I have tried viewing them from my computers and also family and friends computers and pictures they dont display at all or not correctly.When i contact support they want to setup a phone call with me but theres no need its not mine,friends or families computers its your backup and sync.It needs alot of work to say the least.Plus i dont have time to play phone tag as i have a job-life and family to tend to.I will see about downgrading my license to wsa internet security plus.
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I know there have been many improvements maybe @ can stop by to answer your concerns or one of the Product Managers?