Webroot blocking my vpn to operate properly

  • 28 April 2020
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I am trying to set up my VPN for a company which I am going to be servicing. How can I set this up without uninstalling my Webroot software?

I am getting a windows defender error. My defender is open and my webroot is operating properly. How can I set up the VPN without removing my webroot. 

1 reply

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Hello @Webroot2020 


Maybe the VPN files need to be whitelisted in the Webroot Cloud Database so I would suggest is after installing the VPN and running it then Submit a Support Ticket and ask them to whitelist your Unknown or Monitored files. To see for yourself run the VPN and do a scan then save a scan log and look for any lines that have [u] in front of them because Webroot knows Good, Bad and the Unknown. [u] Unknown



[u] C:\Program Files\VoodooShield\DriverTransport.dll [SHA256: 635AC05AC74A769EE1D917EB43A5EDFEF4EF0CB40AC9933084CE30BDC47DCD95] [MD5: 2B707AB3340542B2E0C075E5ACD039FE] [Flags: 00081001.4664]
[u] C:\Program Files\VoodooShield\System.Data.SQLite.dll [SHA256: 44586CCCAB908C62DE4CC36A4E1C2F89A7DAFF659B19164BD98E90BF54350233] [MD5: 01D63B5456FE25C454C6E6BCCB00F785] [Flags: 00081001.4666]
[u] C:\Program Files\VoodooShield\VoodooShield.API.dll [SHA256: 8AB1DEE668C5DF5DDF076549009D732C51A35356FDFB2C37F4194C2A872591B8] [MD5: C0D571100657D5F462EB9241DB98E64C] [Flags: 00081001.4667]
[u] C:\Program Files\VoodooShield\ProcessHelper.dll [SHA256: 707E6DFBFDC4156DE55F1ECE514D3FA28642029B24B57F280BB03EB44E441F40] [MD5: E85AFE57A5D3FC23FC7A12BA4544EE93] [Flags: 00081001.4665]