Webroot flags on yahoo sites

  • 26 December 2012
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Hi, I'm running Webroot SecurityAnywhere v8.0.2.96 on a laptop PC running Windows XP.  I haven't done anything custom to it with respect to the configuration - just using the defaults to my knowledge.  My browser is Firefox.
Tonight when I go to or or, Webroot starts flagging as suspicious site containing malicious code.  From everything I've been able to find online, it's just putting cookies on the browser.
Has this happened to anyone else?  Why is webroot generating these warning messages?  What should I do?
The strange thing is that my girlfriend's Windows7 laptop PC is also running the same version of Webroot and it doesn't flag the same sites when I go to them on that machine.
Thanks in advance!
Edit: Here is an image below of part of the screen showing the warning.


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Thank you for the detailed information, joross.
There may be an infection on your machine that is re-routing you to even though you are entering other sites into your address bar in an attempt to capture log in details and personal information. Please Open a Support Ticket so that we can investigate further.
Thanks for the advice. Support Ticket submitted.
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I encountered it yesterday also upon logging into Yahoo Mail.  So I just closed the browser and re-logged in with no issues.  Probably at that particular instance, the ad service yahoo is using was trying to push an ad that was flagged rather than the yahoo mail service itself.
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Thank you for submitting the ticket. Better to be safe in situations like this.
The technician has requested logs through the support system and once you have replied it will be investigated further.
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The site was being blocked and we have removed it from our servers. The block should not happen again and it can be set to Allow because it is not malicious.