Webroot freezes on company PC

  • 18 August 2020
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Hi We encounter a problem on those PC in the company will freeze.

I had created a tickets to webroot ticketing systems, but i found out there are few days nobody reply my post. Because support team request me to upload the webroot log to them.

Now still dont have anyone support me or even reply on the update status.


Webroot please reply my email or either in the ticketing system. We need the update status.

Else the client decision may drop the next renewal (almost renew period).



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4 replies

Webroot support? where are you, pls  reply me on these issue?

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Hello @Mack Liow  sorry support is being slow and it’s to do with COVID 19 and I will ping one of the Community Staff @khumphrey  and he will like ask for you email address to the ticket so he can look it up so send him a PM with that info and not on the Community!


To send a PM to him: https://community.webroot.com/inbox/conversation?with=76325



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@Mack Liow ,

How long ago did you send the support ticket in? Generally, we take 24-48 hours to respond. In addition, please note that responding to that support ticket will push your spot in the queue to the bottom. 


With that in mind, if you do not hear back from Webroot support within the next day or two, please private message me with your email attached to your Webroot account.

Hi TripleHelix thanks for the update.

Hi Khumphrey it is more than 1days as promise in SLA.

I PM you the details