Webroot has screwed up my account (active since 2017) and I cannot contact them any way other than here

  • 3 September 2022
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I was logged into my Webroot Console (created in 2017, still has 193 days remaining from the last auto-renewal) to find out how to transfer my paid LastPass account to Webroot.  I was still logged into my console account when webroot sent me an email entitled “Webroot Console Confirmation (Action Required)” which directed that I “complete the registration process and activate your Webroot Console” with a link, followed by “Your password has been automatically generated for you”. 

The webroot email is NOREPLY so I cannot respond directly, nor can I respond ANY OTHER WAY (I tried submitting a ticket , then a message, but they rejected both).  They won’t accept my REAL console account password (I am logged in at this moment) and I do NOT want them destroying my 5-device console setup that I have been using for the last 5 years!!

Is there any way to get through to these people before they destroy my 5-year old console account??

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