WebRoot locks people out of Windows 8. READ!

  • 1 December 2012
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Been using Windows 8 for about 3 weeks now. Never had a problem logging in with my live (google) account. So yesterday I install WISC. I posted another issue earlier about options missing from the WISC firewall and later got a great explantion that the Windows firewall does just fine so therefore there are no options in WISC in Win 8 save for On or Off. Then why have it at all???  But that's another subject.
Before I learned of this relevation, I rebooted my PC thinking the firewall options in WISC would maybe show up. I'll never know because now I CAN'T LOG IN TO MY COMPUTER!. Same pw as I've been using for 3 weeks yet now all of a sudden I get the  "wrong password" message. Yet I can still log in w/that pw everywhere else. Even still, I reset my pw via MS live but I still can't log in to my computer.
I did some Google searching and came across two posts:
  • "Samsung NP300E5C-A07US
  • Intel Core i3-2370
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Runs native on Windows 8
  • Genuine Windows 8
  • Webroot SecurityAnywhere: ISS 2013
I have the same problem with the above pc. Here is the ph. to microsft software
"interesting.... I'm (or was) running Webroot security too. It was working fine yesterday untill I rebooted. Came across a number of internet posts talking about issues with passwords longer then 16 chars but like I said it was working fine yesterday, and my password isn't 16 chars long."
 2 other people with this issue that I know of. This is bad.  Really bad. After talking with MS, I now have to literally completely reinstall Windows 8 and may lose everything. I"m going back  to Kaspersky as  fast as I can. Their Russian suppot is awful but they never locked me out of my own computer, including Windows 8. I LOVE Webroot support but this lockout is just absolutely unnaceptable. If anyone has another explanation, I'm all ears. Thanks. 

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If anyone sees this happen again and is willing to wait on a proper investigation prior to doing a system restore, we would very much like to take a look.  So far, I've seen this issue reported five times (three times here, once on another forum, and once in the support system), but since it's easy to rectify the situation by doing a system restore (which is what everyone's chosen to do thus far), we haven't had good data to look at after the fact to conduct a proper investigation to see if Webroot is, in fact, the cause.  A proper investigation would take longer than a system restore, but we'd like to be able to go that route at least once to see if we find something to indicate Webroot was the cause.  As that would most likely require a remote session, if anyone is generous enough to give us some additional time to investigate, please open a support ticket, and we'll be happy to take a much closer look.
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I have never come across this issue with Beta Testing WSA and Win 8 Beta's and now the RTM. Submit a Support Ticket
to see what they have say and they could possibly help you.
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I'm not entirely certain this is an issue with Webroot. I have seen this issue, and along with another co-worker, we have narrowed down a fix which involves replacing 3 files which need to be restored from a previous version in order to successfully log into the computer again. Jim, I have sent you a private message. If you would like to get a hold of me, we can discuss this a little bit further.
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@ wrote:
Hey AgentMikeW,
Can you PM the details on the 3 files? Would really appreciate it.
The information has been shared with Microsoft and Webroot. At this time I will not be sharing it publicly as the fix is not the most user friendly at all. At this time, if you or anyone is experiencing this issue, as Jim has said, please file a ticket with the support teams and they will take it from there.
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Good morning, and good news!
Late last night, a build was released that contains a fix for the Windows 8 login problem.  The link in my post from above now contains new information regarding this fix.  Here is the link again for your convenience.
In short, if you have a local login, you can update WSA to resolve the problem.  If not, a system restore or refresh will still be a necessary step to obtain the installer, which, once it's run, will prohibit the issue from occurring again.
Identifying details about the cause of this issue was a group effort, and we extend our thanks to Microsoft and GeekSquad support teams for helping to expedite a fix.  😃
Now I'm 100% sure it was Webroot. I booted up with my Win 8 CD and did a system restore. The restore point was called "Installed Webroot Internet Security." The restore was successful and I was able to login to my computer with no problems.
I'm thinking this issue needs to be at Webroot's top priority fix-list. I'm not the first person this happend to and won't be the last.
It's a shame too. I really wanted to like this software.
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I would as I suggested above is to contact the Webroot support inbox and see what they say and give the Webroot Staff a chance to look in to this because if this is and issue they would need to look into it further it could be many things such as a recent Windows Update and so on.
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Just for information I opened both of my Win 8 Pro 32bit & 64bit VM's and installed any Windows Updates rebooted a couple of times and I see no issues as I put in my passwords and it worked fine.
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Hi tevamarc,
I've been taking a look at your keycode, and I identified one abnormality in how we were treating a particular file on your system.  That file had to do with internet connectivity.  My initial theory is that you had a Live logon set up, which would be trying to validate your password with Microsoft, rather than a local logon set up like older versions of Windows.  Possibly, you ran into this issue due to the handling of that file.  The file has been recategorized now, so that if I'm right in my theory about the cause of the issue, it will not happen again.  I'd like to invite you to try again please by reinstalling Webroot, allowing the first scan to complete, and restarting your computer thereafter.  I suspect you will not run into the same problem again.  However, in the event it happens again, I've followed up with you via the support system, and we will continue investigating if necessary.
Thanks JimM. I am indeed using MS Live to login.  I'll give it a try and let you know.
I am also having the same problem.
I did a security scan on WSE and restarted my computer, then i can no longer login, even if i reset my password...any help would be more than appreciated. thanks.
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Regaid, do you have a Live login or a local login set up in Windows 8?  If you disconnect the computer from the internet and try logging in again with the original password, does it let you in?

Please put in a support ticket from the computer having the issue as well so we can collect some logs for investigation.
I have a Live login as well, I tried typing in my original live passwords as well as those which reset on windows live to no avail. I have opened a support ticket. thanks for your quick reply.
Dell Tech Service directed me to do the following to restart in safe mode (Note that Shift-F8 did not work for me):
1. On the login screen click power button
2. Hold shift key, click restart
3. you may see the safe mode option after you do this. 
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I alreday reintsalled windows 8 3 times becouse of this login problem. I belive microsoft problem. But always get this with webroot sec complete after a windows update. I try login without internet, not work. But when i boot from windows install dvd that work with old password.
Can you PM me the procedure, thanks (i am a closed beta-tester)
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Mike, I just replied back to your PM. I'm looking forward to taking a look at those files.

Just to clarify, my initial theory on this issue from page one turned out not to be the case, which is why we're still investigating. Based on everything I've seen so far regarding this issue, I'm in agreement with AgentMike that this is starting to look less and less like a Webroot-specific issue. We'll continue investigating though.

Umbra, I can't PM you a procedure, because the investigation has to go through the support system, which is better equipped than Community to conduct an investigation of this nature. If you click the link in my post above, it will take you to the support system.

First, this is my post in Windows official forum:

If you take your time to read, basically my admin Windows Live account can not be accessed, some users are experiencing that problem, but when the problem started (last Thursday), only a handful were experiencing that same problem. I've changed several messages with a forum Admin and Friday Microsoft sent me a Pen Drive, which arrived today, in order to help diagnosing the problem.

I'm reading their forums and they say the problem may be related with Webroot products -->

Now here is the deal, I need to uninstall Webroot, the problem is that I've checked the option that does not allow users without admin access to uninstall the security software.

I've a Linux Live CD ready so I can erase webroot files in order to at least make it non functional so I can further troubleshoot the issue, but in order to do so I need to know which files to remove.

Can you provide assistance?

It's urgent

Bests Regards.
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Hi Portugal,
I moved your post into a related thread where we already have a discussion going on about the issue.  I'd encourage you to please read this thread.

Please note as well that this issue is addressed in our Top Issues article here.
The pertinent content on that page reads:
"The quick fix for this issue is a system restore or refresh.  However, support would like to look at more cases of this at a deeper level to determine if Webroot is the cause of the issue or is related in some way.  if you are willing to volunteer to let support take a longer period of time for analysis, please open a support case."
To answer your question, a list of all Webroot files and locations can be found here.  However, we don't recommend ripping out all of the files by hand on your own under any circumstances, and we would very much prefer that you go through support since we are still investigating this issue.  Even if you delete all of the files, you're not reverting the registry.  If you are going to do it anyway, you would be doing it at your own risk.  You will probably be happy to know that support is also equipped with a bootable Linux distro with remote access capabilities that they could use for similar purposes in troubleshooting.  It sounds like you might be just the case we're looking for if you wouldn't mind setting up an appointment please.  That way, the knowledge we may gain would help not only you, but potentially others as well, and from your perspective, you get the peace of mind that any actions that are taken in troubleshooting are safe ones.
Hello Jim
I already contacted the support but so far I got no response, and yes I would like support to contact me in order to diagnose this issue.
I'm using the local account so far, if you're willing to help please contact me asap.
Best regards.
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I see your case is being looked at by one of our best support agents right now. You'll most likely be contacted shortly. There is some initial analysis that usually goes on before a reply is sent. Thank you for going through support on this issue! 🙂
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Hello Portugal and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
Nice to see that you posted over here also as you did at Wilders! 😉 Just follow the advice from Jim and the support inbox staff and they will help you get it sorted!
Hey AgentMikeW,
Can you PM the details on the 3 files? Would really appreciate it.
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@ wrote:
@ wrote:
Hey AgentMikeW,
Can you PM the details on the 3 files? Would really appreciate it.
The information has been shared with Microsoft and Webroot. At this time I will not be sharing it publicly as the fix is not the most user friendly at all. At this time, if you or anyone is experiencing this issue, as Jim has said, please file a ticket with the support teams and they will take it from there.
Sounds good and it's the best way to get it sorted! Thanks Mike. ;)
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I have just received some news regarding this issue.  At the moment, the best course of action is still a system restore/refresh, but we are creating a new build that will address the root cause and attempt remediation by replacing the affected registry value that is involved in the problem.
More on this solution can be found here:
That page will be updated with additional information as more becomes available.
We would like to extend our thanks to Microsoft and GeekSquad for collaborating with us behind the scenes in identifying the root cause.  Thank you!  :catvery-happy:
Hi Jim.
Do you have an ETA for the new build, I don't want to perform a system restore/resfresh as I have access to a local account and don't want to install drivers and so on.