Webroot Password manager no longer works anywhere!

  • 13 January 2019
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Well, this is nice innit, a bright shiny new community, yippeeee!!!!!. Shame about the "cock-up" with the PWM though.
Priorities please Webroot!!!!
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Hopefully they also provide an add on for the Brave Browser also. It's a great browser.
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"I still don't understand why you (and others) won't just use LastPass. It works... period. What more could you ask for? "

How about, because we paid for the extra features we were promised, among them the password manager?
We paid extra money for the Password Manager, and frankly, that entitles us all to a WORKING product.
Seriously, what you're saying sounds like, "So, your Mercedes doesn't run, and no one is interested in fixing it? I don't understand why you don't just take a cab?"
Maybe the sorry state of consumer goods is what it is because so many people have decided that they'll forget about having paid for something, and just get something else when the product they bought doesn't work as advertised.
And, FTR, most of my passwords are backed up to a spreadsheet, but that's a PITA when you have sites that require password changes every quarter. And, if you forget one, you're hosed, and have to do a reset, which can be another PITA. These are the reasons why any of us use a password manager to begin with. When that product lets us down, it has repercussions on much of what wee do; it's not trivial. And when the company that sold us that product gives us the silent treatment after the product fails, our trust in ANY of that company's products is going to suffer. If they'll freeze you out when a feature fails, why wouldn't they do the same when their major offering bites the dust?
Think about that. Webroot's reliability as a vendor is, in my mind, shot. And that is a status they they have earned over the past several months.