Webroot turned off , showing message numerous times on slide in notification action center

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if you look earlier in this same post I asked the same thing and was told that this happens randomly and not to worry about it, good luck Scott, and Windows had a update today wondering if the slide in message problem will change ???????????????
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I read your earlier post and realize that Webroot is working on the problem.  In my case the message appears in the Windows System log for EVERY boot, not just randomly.  That is why I am asking if WR is protecting url's or not?
I am now getting the same error as others , just started a couple of days ago and it shows up daily ?

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:(I have the same problem,  this being going on 3 weeks ago why isn't the issue sloved?  It is very annoying to get this notication Webroot turned off.  Make me think the computer is at risk.  I have this problem for a week now. Grrrr...
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 :(  Sorry, I posted in wrong area.  I have the same problem Webroot turned off, showing message numerous times on slide notification action center this has been on going now for a week please is there a remedy for this?  It makes me think my pc is at risk. Thanks for any solutions.
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As I have said before itis not the number of hours that seems material but rather then number of reboots...if one can get through a dozen or so then it would seem that the fix works but otherwise the issue will, unfortunately, return thereafter...:(
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The mere fact that this prevents it for a series of reboots tends to point to something windows is doing corrupting something in the network communications sockets...
Maybe preventing windows from getting the hey I'm turned on and protecting your PC messages sent to the service that maintains the system status pages.
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I don't quite understand.  v9.0.8.80. How do I know?  How do I download it and install over it?
I have not any notications now for 2 days.
http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/antispyware-message-showing-on-slide-notification/30fc811d-c494-42f4-9442-e543c669d77e, Daniel   this is where my post is on Microsoft community hope this helps, Scott.
Daniel, I tried to set up a link to my post but I think each post is private, it is under Microsoft community windows, windows 10 , (antispyware message showing on slide notification on right is wrong) topic, under Scott 98, you should be able to find it there, thanks Scott.
Hi Daniel, I found out more, if you restart security center service then pop up message does not happen for a while, but if you click on Webroot icon to open program then message is triggered wright away, pop up slide message shows as webroot program opens, but then if you restart security center service again then message stops.
OK Daniel, it's been over two hours since I removed Webroot and activated windows defender and as I thought no more pop up slider messages from action center, thought ? and how do you think I should go about reinstalling webroot I know turn off windows defender first after that what's the best place to download the current webroot version for secure complete ? thanks Scott.
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Mornin' All.....................Can anyone point me to any other AV's that are displaying the same/similar security notifications. I am unable to locate any? Also there is nothing pointing to this problem on Windows 10 user forums which seems unusual?
Hi , I have a post on Microsoft community and was told by microsoft support to remove webroot and enable windows defender and messages will stop and they did, then after numerous other antivirus trials ( Avast, Eset ,Sophos,  Vipre, Bit defender) I could not make the message pop up only webroot so far, thanks Scott
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No problem..your are welcome.. This issue has a few links circling around doesn't it? 😉
if you run a scan or just open webroot the message slides in wright away, but all the programs I tested yesterday this did not happen, thoughts ? thanks Scott and have not heard anything back from webroot support.
Daniel, Sherry , I just found something interesting when installing sophos antivirus yesterday after windows defender was on then go back and check windows defender it shows off all three places, but after reinstall of webroot it shows windows defender still on and checking task manger it's on I guess it stay that way so if no program is listed then windows defender comes on wright away as it did yesterday every time I removed webroot, not sure why action center reacts differently for other antivrus programs, also I had another thought does this happen with just webroot antivirus

? is it just secure complete ? if you want me to try just webroot antivirus and remove complete please send me a key code to try, thoughts ? thanks Scott.